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MODEL: NCB55A Automatic Perfect binding Machine
NAME: NCB55A Automatic Perfect binding Machine
SPEC.: 1400×510×1300 mm
Easy to Operate, fully functional and interface user-friendly. Adopt advanced PLC module of main control system, design with fuzzy PID of warm control , the free rotary numerical control text display screen can adjust the working parameter, also observe the working state of the equipment in real time.The circuit is designed with module structure, the layout is reasonable and realize the long-distance service.

Main functions of the numerical control text display screen:

Set up system parameter: book position, temperature of melting glue, temperature of keeping, spine nipping time and pressure etc. Choose working mode(binding/hanging), and running mode(manual/auto).
Set up craft parameter: According to the real working condition, regulate thickness of the cover, working temperature, the amount of glue and book smoothness at any time, in order to reach the best binding result.
Working state mode: Showing the operation process real-timly and dynamically, from starting the machine to the binding, the steps all may be showed, the operator can control the machine at any time. With binding quantity and job time showing, convenient to count work load and operating cost.
Warning mode: can auto-alarm when the machine breaks down in running, and show the trouble spot.
To set up or regulate temperature of melting glue, temperature of keeping, thickness of the cover, spine nipping time and pressure, book position etc.Showing the working state dynamically;
Switch between Auto/Manual, Binding/Hanging;
Working time and binding quantity have two kinds of display modes for clean records in the same day and cannot reset total records separately;
Function of prompt for reach the temperature and warn for the breakdown.
The circuit is designed with PLC module structure, the layout is reasonable, the service is convenient.
The free rotary numerical control text display screen can be regulated the position according to the need. It is convenient to help operator adjust the operational parameter, observe the working state of the equipment in real time.
Max. of book size 435×550mm
Min. of book size 80×60mm
Book thickness 2 sheets~55mm
Binding in-page sheet~2 foldout
Milling cutter mode 12-gear Disk milling cutter and small milling cutter
Time of gluing About 30min
Mechanical speed Up to 300 cycles/hr
Power supply 220V / 380V(OPTIONAL)
Machine Weight 205kg
Machine Dimensions 1400×510×1300 mm